LEGISTER is a new generation business law firm with a modern, fair and efficient approach to dealing with its clients.

We assume that each client is unique with specific expectations, which we focus on understanding. This enables us to develop a tailored and collaborative relationship to improve the effectiveness of the service at the best cost.

From this perspective LEGISTER advises companies and individuals in the field of commercial law, especially Company Law, Contract law, Mergers and Acquisitions and Asset Management.

Having chosen a specific field of activities, LEGISTER is also at the centre of a national and international network of skills covering all business law disciplines so that our opinions take all the legal components of a sector or a given issue into account.

LEGISTER also has closed relationships with other professionals in specific areas (accountants, statutory auditors, financial experts, university lecturers…) which enables us to address transverse files efficiently and in a coordinated way, to achieve the desired result.

Due to the experience of our lawyers and partners the firm can deal with the most complex cases. We can also act as the project manager for the legal function in collaboration with our clients’ in-house departments or by calling on specialist partners.

LEGISTER’s objectives are understanding the problems encountered by its clients, and providing pragmatic, relevant and effective solutions, by making the law a tool for business success, with transparent, foreseeable and reasonable fees.